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Photo Credit - Fabrice Gagos

Fabrice Gagos


Fierce, Raw & Unconventional!


ALT BLK ERA are alternative music sister duo, Nyrobi and Chaya - aged 19 & 16yrs, who break the rules by reaching outside of traditional expectations.


Their genre-bending music is filled with heavy basslines, electric guitars and tongue-twisting rap, where their softer tracks compile of dark strings, haunting harmonies and a chilling, circus-type vibe.


They are mavericks.


Difficult to define, ALT BLK ERA's eclectic sound will both delight and unnerve you.


Musical Inspiration:

The Prodigy, Stromae, Ashnikko, Rico Nasty



    Booking enquiries:

    2. Photo Credit - Fabrice Gagos

    @Fabrice Gagos


    I am mind-boggingly excited about the potential of these two. What they have achieved in the past few months and the trajectory they are on is truly awesome!

    Dean Jackson | BBC Introducing, East Mids

    Future Superstars!

    Rock City, The DHP Family

    Daring, adventurous, wildly original.

    Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Introducing Mix Tape

    Utterly brilliant trap metal and charisma off the scale. So much energy they probably left scorch marks on the stage.

    The Beestonian

    Best described as Rage Against The Machine with Notts accents in a tutu. Utter Stars!

    The Beestonian

    Far more reaching than just one genre. A vey visual and dynamic duo to watch.

    The Republic Magazine

    Nyrobi & Chaya are independent artists who gratefully acknowledge support from:

    The Engine Room Artist Development Programme, the Community Recording Studio, PRS Foundation, Youth Music - Next Gen Fund,

    Sentric Music & the MOBO Help Musicians Fund

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    denoting a version of something, especially popular music, that is intended as a challenge to the traditional version.



    of the very darkest colour owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white.


    a date or event marking the beginning of a new and distinct period of time.

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